Backdoors into Stern

<p>So, what's with the Pre-business minor? is that all through Stern and does that show on the diploma? What about internal transfer from CAS, difficult or impossible? thanks</p>

<p>Internal transfer is pretty much impossible. If you can't get in as a freshman, don't count on it.</p>

<p>Internal transfer is not impossible - it can be done, but I sure as heck would NOT count on it.</p>

<p>My reply was expressed in the light of the OP's question about backdoor ways into Stern. For someone looking for a way in the backdoor, an internal transfer is going to be pretty much impossible. If this person is not capable of gaining admission as a freshman, the chances of being successful as an internal transfer are very slim.</p>

<p>Well actually my stats are a 2100 on the SATS, 90th percentile in hish school, and the president of three clubs. I think I do have a chance at Stern, if I apply early, but am not applying early decision because I wont qualify for financial aid, and my stats arnt good enough for scholarships. I think I will apply regular decision though.</p>

<p>There is no back door to Stern, you have to go through the main entrance on West 4th Street. You could also go in the door between Stern and Boobst. :)</p>

<p>good one, tally. Don't count on the back doors, use the front door. best of luck</p>