bad EC or good EC?

<p>A few weeks ago I applied to be an assistant editor of a internet gaming news resource. Yesterday, I got the position and edited my first article for them. (woooo!) Anyway, I was very excited to get this job because this website could be compared as the New York Times of video game reviews/coverage. (560,000 registered readers, 2.1 million unique visitors a month, and 22 million page views a month.)</p>

<p>Should I list this as one of my ECs? My brother warned me that ADCOMS might take it the wrong way: "Oh this guy does nothing all day except play video games." Which simply isn't true. I only edit for them/fact check for them. The writers are the one that review new games/cover tournaments. I also edit the hardware section so that's not really video games. More of a technology review site. </p>

<p>Another question: is it even worth it to put it on as an EC? It only takes 16 hours of editing a week, 2 hours for weekdays and 3 for weekends (not including staff meetings on tuesday nights)</p>

<p>Thank you for your advice.</p>

<p>no way its a great EC</p>

no way its a great EC


<p>My haashole manager could not have said it better.</p>

<p>its a good ec. put it in there...</p>

<p>dont mean to hijack...but would it be a bad thing to declare which nonprofit environmental organization i worked with over the summer? can i just say on the application i worked for a nonprofit environmental organization? </p>

<p>bc i dont want the adcoms to be against or question the reliability of my employer...</p>

<p>hi, its okay if you hijack :)</p>

<p>umm I think its best to be as specific as possible. vagueness in general is very bad.</p>

<p>good point...but i'm just terrified that someone on the admissions committee may know of hate or have a bad experience with my nonprofit organization (no, its not the sierra club lol)</p>