<p>I'm taking 3 SAT II's this saturday, and, unless I study ridiculously hard, I'm almost positive I'm going to get below a 600 on one of them. I know I'll do good on other 2, however. So how would a bad SAT II look like to University of Southern California? Will they not care and just look at my top 2? Am I able to send just 2 of my tests without sending the third? Or will collegeboard automatically send all 3?</p>

<p>All 3 will automatically be sent. So...don't take that test that you think you'll do bad on? If you take it, it WILL be sent.</p>

<p>Question here:
I have 800 on two subject tests, but got 720 on the last one (french). i'm pretty sure i'll get 800 on my fourth one which i'm having sent as well, so i'll have 3 800's and 1 720. i've applied ed for princeton (which requires only 3), and i've written down the tests that i am planning to take. will they take my 3 highest ones (all 800's probably) or will thaat 720 hurt?</p>

<p>btw: NEVER take a language SAT if you aren't fluent.</p>

<p>But since USC does not require SAT II's, would it really hurt me a lot? Btw I'm taking Spanish, Math IIC, and Chemistry (chem will be my worst one). I would consider cancelling the Chem test, but I was thinking of majoring in the math and sciences Therefore, shouldn't I keep it?</p>

<p>If it's not necessary and you're going to do poorly, don't take it</p>

<p>the nice thing about SATIIs is that you don't need to cancel them beforehand--you can sign up for some, and then end up taking totally different ones, and CB is cool with that. as long as you didn't tell princeton what you were taking and then decided to take different ones.</p>

<p>Alright so here's my dilemma. Since I want to major in engineering or something in the sciences, I want to take the Chem SAT II to show UC schools and USC that I'm serious about it. Yea I know having a bad score doesn't show that, but should I still put in the effort of taking it? I heard UC's only take the top 2 SAT II's and don't even look at the other ones, so I suppose even if I got a bad Chem score it, the UC's wouldn't even see it. USC, however, will see my scores. So yea this is my problem, but after seeing what people said and thinking about it myself, I'll probably cancel the test. And if I do, do you guys think a high score in Math IIC will demonstrate and interest in engineering?</p>

<p>And btw I don't want to cancel the chem test because then I feel like I wasted my money I suppose I could take another test, but I'll most likely not do good on a third test anyways.</p>

<p>SAT2s are optional for USC. If you're strong in other areas, not sending your SAT2s won't kill you.</p>