Bad UW GPA, Good weighted GPA/Class Rank

<p>How do colleges see a bad UW GPA but a good class rank? My UW GPA is somewhere around 3.6-3.7, which is somewhat under optimal for top schools. However, as my school ranks by our weighted GPA, I'm in the top 6-7% of the class in a very competitive school. I've also been taking very hard classes, as in 12 AP classes, and all of my non-arts classes and non-elective classes (as in, classes that don't count for core subject credit whatsoever) have all been at the honors level.</p>

<p>Some schools publish admit rates by GPA ranges, which implies they consider those important. Some schools publish admit rates by class rank, which implies that is important. Some do both.</p>

<p>If your high school is acknowledged as "very competitive" by the admissions folks at the colleges where you apply, a mediocre GPA won't hurt you. Your GC (or Naviance if you have it) can advise you what colleges really like graduates from your high school.</p>


<p>Here's the thing -- different high schools have different grading systems. A 3.7 in a district that grades 'hard' may be better than a 3.8 in a district that inflates a bit. The colleges know what the competitive schools are, I believe take this into account.</p>

<p>With your top 6-7% ranking at a competitive school, you'll probably be ok on this ground.</p>

<p>annasdad is correct in recommending discussions with your GC and checking out Naviance.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to ask my counselor for more info.</p>

<p>Many colleges anticipate this and usually ask for an UW or capped GPA (weighting only a few semesters of AP) to prevent GPA inflation. However, to get a high weighted, it means that at some point, you took a bunch of APs and aced them all. That looks favorable as both a sign of improvement and taking on a big challenge -- especially at a competitive school. As long as your SAT/ACT is top-notch, you'll be in good shape.</p>