Ballss !!!

<p>Hello I am an Indian Sikh Student with the following Sat 1 scores-
570 in critical rec and 610 in math</p>

<p>My SAT -2 scores are Maths 2- 650 Chem-610 Physics-570</p>

<p>I am confused about sending my physics scores.? would they make me look worse.
I cannot give dem again. What universities I should apply to ??</p>


<p>I have applied to the following-
GTech, Caltech , Illinois institute of tech,Carnegie, Rice,Rose-Hulman,Drexel,NYIT,Cornell ,Rice.</p>

<p>You can suggest me some universities...Thanks
I am looking for "soft" universities which appreciate a good essay and not just scores, also pretty girls would help</p>

<p>None of the schools you have applied to are "soft". Sounds like you are interested in Engineering, is that correct?</p>


<p>I think you will probably get into a couple of the ones you have applied to. You might wish to look at some of the less prestigious public universities as well. For example, University of Illinois, Chicago, or University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. You can find them in every state. They have good engineering programs and they are slightly less selective. If you want smaller schools, then there are some private universities with engineering programs which might meet your needs, such as Bradley (Illinois), Marquette (Wisconsin).</p>

<p>SAT2 requirements should be posted on each school's web site somewhere. If required, send them. If not, and they appear to be low for the school, don't. If still in doubt about requirements, call/email admissions for guidance. I recommend you focus on Drexel, NYIT ... and maybe IIT and R-H. The others range from distant long shots to beyond reach for your scores.</p>

<p>Do you need financial aid? American public universities usually have little or none available for internationals. Private universities that have engineering and are in range for your scores (overall at least, if not for engineering students) include Hofstra, Syracuse, and Loyola University Maryland. There are others, such as the ones xaymancs suggests.</p>