BAR Refund Question

<p>My expected cost per quarter is ~7000... I got a refund today via BruinDirect of about ~4500. This makes sense because registration/tuition for me is ~2500. However, I still need to pay for housing... and how would I do that if not through the BAR account? If it is through the BAR account then why did they issue the refund before billing me for housing?</p>

<p>Housing is a separate account. You need to go to the housing office to pay for your housing.</p>

<p>Many thanks!</p>

<p>damn, you get quite a large refund.</p>

<p>its reasonable considering housing is like 1150 per month. plus money for books and stuff.</p>

<p>as for housing you can pay it online. its best if your checking account has a debit card (one with a MC or Visa logo) and just use that to pay online. that way it takes money straight from your checking account (since they deposited $4500 for you to use on housing/book) instead of charging it to another credit card, then having to worry about paying that other credit card bill, etc.</p>

<p>but if you wish, you can goto the housing office next to sproul and pay by check also.</p>