Basic Chemistry- Lewis Dot Structures

<p>Hey, could some one please help me with these. Thanks.</p>

<p>Draw a Lewis Dot structures for the ionic compounds:</p>


<p>Draw a Lewis Dot structures for the covalent compounds:</p>


<p>Thank you very much.</p>

<p>how do i draw you a lewis dot structure over the internet?</p>

<p>this stuff really isn't that hard anyways, just read your chem book for a few minutes and you should be able to figure it out...the basic idea is that you use dots to represent valence electrons.</p>

<p>I know you can find pictures on the internet as well. But like Jimmyman said, it's not hard anyways. Just pair up dots, move them around, enjoy yourself!</p>

<p>Save hydrogen, the non-central atoms always have 8 electrons.</p>