Bates vs Colby

<p>These schools seem to be extremely similar. I can't figure out which to apply to. Since they're so similar, I only want to apply to one of them. I'll be needing financial aid and I'll probably major in economics.</p>

<p>-Wall Street / MBA / Law school feeder?
-Student body (any differences in the types of kids?)
-Student life (who has more fun?)
-Campus beauty? (which campus is more picturesque?)</p>

<p>-Anything else that differentiates these two schools?</p>


<p>Oh and I've already read the other "Bates vs Colby" threads</p>

<p>bump... any comments on this? :)</p>

<p>how does one offer advice to someone with over 1,000 posts on CC? you've clearly got some opinions on all sorts of issues related to colleges, especially the bates vs. colby discussion and, frankly, i doubt you'll find any new insights on this topic. if you must choose between these two highly regarded schools, it's now time to do it on you own. </p>

<p>you might ask yourself which school you can best contribute to. . .good luck.</p>