Behind-the-Scenes Look at the College Admissions Process

<p>Sorry if these have already been posted somewhere, but I thought these videos from several college admissions offices were helpful and interesting. </p>

<p>Inside</a> the college admissions process - Parenting & Family -</p>

<p>A</a> behind-the-scenes look at the undergraduate admissions process - YouTube</p>

<p>A</a> Glimpse of the Admissions Process - YouTube</p>

<p>The</a> Life of a Smith College Admission Application - YouTube</p>

<p>And a couple just for laughs:</p>

<p>Inside</a> a Harvard Admissions Decision (On Harvard Time) - YouTube</p>

<p>How</a> High Schoolers Imagine the College Admissions Process - YouTube</p>

<p>Seems like the adcoms are putting on a show in order to instill a false sense of "holistic" admissions. They purposely neglected any type of hook...</p>

<p>Here's one where no one seems to be "putting on show"</p>

<p>Behind</a> The Scenes: How Do You Get Into Amherst? : NPR</p>