Berklee College of Music interviewwwwww

<p>Im a overseas applicant to Berklee College of Music and I took the Audition&Interview couple days ago in my city.coz the admission group came to my city for the first time and I applied.</p>

<p>the thing I'm worrying about is that during the interview part,the interviewer asked me how do I know Berklee.</p>

<p>I told him Berklee is famous among ppl who want to learn contemporary music and I told him my best friend is in Boston University which is near Berklee and she told me about Berklee.THE THING IS:The interviewer asked me what major does my best friend take in BU,I told him accounting and finance and he noted it down!</p>

<p>I just wonder how does local ppl think about BU,especially finance and accounting major....yenno.....I shouldn't hav told him???</p>

<p>It makes no difference whatsoever if your friend is a Finance major at BU, a Physics major at Harvard, or a juggling major at the Ringling Brothers Clown College. The interviewer was probably just curious.</p>