Best College for Political Science

<p>Hey I was wondering what the best Poli Sci colleges are? I tried looking at US News rankings but they wanted a paid subscription.. can someone post the top 30 or so for me?</p>

<p>I don't know about top 30 but the best place to be for political science...</p>

<p>Georgetown School of Foreign Service (SFS), or the Walsh School.</p>

<p>Hands down.</p>

<p>According to the latest USNWR, below are the top 30 Political Science Departments. I believe new rankings are due to come out in the next week or so. Whether or not the Political Science rankings are udated or not remains to be seen.</p>

<li> Harvard University 5.0 </li>
<li> Stanford University 4.9 </li>
<li> University of Michigan–Ann Arbor 4.8 </li>
<li> Princeton University 4.7 </li>
<li> University of California–Berkeley 4.6 </li>
<li> Yale University 4.6 </li>
<li> University of California–San Diego 4.4 </li>
<li> Duke University 4.3 </li>
<li> University of Chicago 4.3 </li>
<li> Columbia University 4.2 </li>
<li> Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4.2 </li>
<li> University of California–Los Angeles 4.2 </li>
<li> Ohio State University 4.0 </li>
<li> University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill 4.0 </li>
<li> University of Rochester 4.0 </li>
<li> University of Wisconsin–Madison 3.9 </li>
<li> Washington University in St. Louis 3.9 </li>
<li> Cornell University 3.8 </li>
<li> New York University 3.8 </li>
<li> University of Minnesota–Twin Cities 3.8 </li>
<li> Northwestern University 3.6 </li>
<li> Michigan State University 3.4 </li>
<li> Texas A&M University–College Station 3.4 </li>
<li> University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign 3.4 </li>
<li> Indiana University–Bloomington 3.3 </li>
<li> University of Iowa 3.3 </li>
<li> University of Texas–Austin 3.3 </li>
<li> University of Washington 3.3 </li>
<li> Emory University 3.2 </li>
<li> Rice University 3.2 </li>
<li> SUNY–Stony Brook 3.2 </li>
<li> University of California–Davis 3.2 </li>
<li> University of Maryland–College Park 3.2 </li>
<li> University of Pennsylvania 3.2</li>

<p>great! thanks for the help</p>

<p>That list only covers national universities. If you're looking to attend a LAC, Claremont McKenna has an amazing political science department.</p>