Best Company

<p>I know everyone has their own opinion on books, but what companys are the most reliable. I use to really lik Princeton Review, but after the SAT 2 Bio, and Chem being a failure, I'm not sure what companies to use. I did find that McGraw Hill and REA were really help full for the PSAT (REA) and AP (McGraw Hill). I also kno that collegeboard is helpful, since they write the test. But really I just want ur opinions, on what companys u all like. I'll just list some that I hear are good or bad: barrons, kaplan, pr, mcgraw hill, rea, and moree...</p>

<p>I haven't taken SAT II bio or chem and definitely will not be (I am not a science person at ALL! My scores would suck.), so I can't comment on any prep books for those, but in general I like the CB stuff (just not happy they don't include explanations) and the PR books I do have. I have both of the general SAT books (Cracking the the Practice Tests book) and SAT II history, ACT and a few APs. Once you know PR strategies for any of the tests it's pretty easy to apply it to the others. I have not tried mixing strategies from different companies yet, but I know a lot of people on here do with various results. Maybe someone else can speak to that.</p>

<p>Although most of the companies have their goods and bad's (You buy a certain book for a certain subject), however if you want to know what company to get in General, or when in "doubt" then just get barrons, it might be overprep , but you can almost guarantee that good grade if you use study the book well, as anything they shoot at you, you can dodge it (especially since sometimes tests come with extremly random information)
and if your studying for the SAT then buy the offical Collegeboard Book (which is no doubt the best practice)
Just my 2 cents...</p>