Best Journalism Schools

<p>Hi everyone...I am very interested in majoring in broadcast journalism and was wondering what schools you think are the best journalism schools in the county. I already have some ideas of colleges I would like to attend but would like your input. THANKS!!!


<p>Medill (sp??) Northwestern University.</p>

<p>or UNC-Chapel Hilll.</p>

<p>Syracuse has one of the best broadcast journalism schools around. As I said in another post, the person interviewing TO (Terrel Owens) a few weeks ago in the interview that got TO canned was actually a Freshman at SU who while in his first year at SU had also interviewed people like Muhammed Ali and Adam Sandler. He has since been on CNN, Leno, and other shows. The opportunities that SU affords its journalism majors, whether they be broadcast or print, are hard to beat.</p>

<p>Thank you guys for all of the help. To be truthful I have always wanted to go to Northwestern and it seems that most of you agree with that! :-) Still, I should mention that Syracuse was a close second. I will def. be applying to both of those schools next year. THANKS!!!!!!!</p>

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<p>USC Annenberg.</p>


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<p>Also, the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University</p>

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<p>And Fordham University is known for its sports broadcasting.</p>

<p>NYU has a pretty good department and great internships opportunities.</p>

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