Best of the Best SAT II Test Prep

<p>On December I get to take 3 SAT II's in a row, and I really need some good review material to make sure ETS doesn't hand me my posterior on test day. So
are there any CCers out there who can suggest the best prep out there for these three subjects:</p>

Bio (Leaning towards M)*</p>

<p>*Bio is my weakest because I haven't taken it since freshman year</p>

<p>Any good word for any specific test prep books?</p>

<p>I have PR for all three. I've gone through Writing all the way and it is AWESOME. Physics I'm just getting into but it looks really good too - was recommended here so that's why I got it. Haven't opened Bio yet but got the rec from this board too, so I'm expecting it to be good too.</p>

<p>I recommend Kaplan for writing.</p>

<p>There are SO many threads about books for these subjects. Search before you post.</p>

<p>Writing - Sparknotes
Biology - Cliffs AP Bio</p>

<p>wat? which one for writing??/?/? and iic?????? we are getting all different opinions here!!! comon, we need more help!!!</p>

<p>If people are recommending them, clearly they are good. Pick one that is recommended and start studying. Different people are going to have differing opinions on which books are best. Very few people have tried them all. </p>

<p>And if you're looking for more opinions, just search the threads. There couldn't be more threads about the right books for these subjects.</p>

<p>Thxs for the replies!</p>

<p>Newby: I used Barron's for Math IIC last June and it was good to me (nailed a 800, test felt really easy too). The only problem with it is that it really, really overprepares you, and I though that the practice tests were 5x harder than the real thing.</p>

<p>Yeah, if there are different recommendations for books, just go to the bookstore and flip through them... make your own choice about which book you like the best.</p>