Best Research Colleges

<p>which collleges have the best and hands-on research for undergrads?</p>

<p>tough to say, most colleges have ample opportunities for those who SEEK IT!!!</p>

<p>I'm at Cornell and have had plenty of opportunities to participate in research. At his innaguration speech, the new president even mentioned the idea of requiring all undergraduates to do some type of research activity before they graduate. In fact, I'm currently a research assistant for a professor here. To date, the stuff i've worked on with the professor has been published in the Boston Globe, NY Times, various business journals, and my professor recently appeared on CNN's "on the money" (or show like that). As cool as it is, at the same time i'm praying to god that I collected and presented all of the right data. It'd be a bit of a mistake otherwise...</p>