Best School Out of These 6?

<p>I'm currently a senior in high school in Pennsylvania. I've been really stressing out, deciding where to attend college next Fall, and I thought maybe someone could give me some tips/ share their knowledge. I'm planning on majoring in exercise sciences/ pre-physical therapy.
I have my list narrowed down to 6:
-Auburn University
-Old Dominion University
-University of Alabama
-University of Kentucky
-University of Mississippi
-West Virginia University.
I also applied to Gannon University in Erie, PA, but I probably wont end up going there because of the cold weather! Plus, I want to go to a larger school, preferably one that is big on sports!</p>

<p>Cost is not an issue, as they're all in the same price range. I'm just unsure about which to attend. I've only visited WVU and it was quite nice. I'm visiting ODU in a few weeks, and the SEC schools in February.</p>

<p>If anyone could give me their thoughts on these schools, I'd really appreciate it! :)</p>

<p>Are you sure some of those colleges are worth the travel distances and travel costs? I'd first look at some programs that are closer, unless you are primarily motivated by a desire for a warmer climate.</p>

<p>I'm certain that I want to go out of state, preferably to a school thats far away. I want to live in a whole new environment (as in a whole new part of the country). I'm not really interested in applying/searching anywhere else because I really like all of the schools I have. I'll probably apply to Temple or Drexel because they're close by, but I'm not really interested in going there. I'm almost positive that I'll end up at one of the 6 schools I listed. I just can't narrow it down from the 6.</p>

<p>I'm currently going to Auburn for my Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. It's a great school, football games are a blast, and people are personable and friendly. That said, if you come here, you need to have a scholarship that brings out-of-state tuition costs down to where it's comparable to in-state tuition. Nobody should pay over $20K per year on college tuition. I strongly recommend that you also apply to Penn State so that you have in-state tuition as an option, in case the scholarships don't work out at the schools you've applied to.</p>

<p>I'm not at all interested in PSU, mainly because a lot of my friends are going there. If it comes down to cost being a huge issue, I'll most likely attend WVU (their OOS tuition is 2,000 more than PSU's in state tuition, and they give more aid). Would you say that Auburn is a good place for out-of-state students, or are a lot of students from Alabama/Georgia?</p>

<p>It's right out there for the looking. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Yes, most Auburn students are from Alabama. That said, my experience as an OOS grad student has been very positive. Alabamians tend to be conservative, so you may need to prepare for it, but they'll respect you as long as you're polite and respect their opinions. One specific question you might want to prepare for, is that since you are from out-of-state, and not from Georgia or Florida, Auburn students (and maybe some faculty) might ask you how you settled on Auburn. Don't get them wrong, they're not criticizing your choice. They just want to know what made Auburn stand out.</p>

<p>Kentucky is a pretty huge sports school, primarily basketball and a party school. As far as physical therapy you may want to look at St. Louis U and Washington University.</p>

<p>There is LOTS of posting on the CC board for U. of Alabama, almost all of it gushingly positive. Check it out.</p>

<p>You should go to UF</p>

<p>I don't know much about those schools except for Gannon University. I am from Erie, Pa if you want to know more about Gannon let me know you.</p>