Best Schools for Psychology?

<p>What are the best psychology schools?</p>

<p>Psychology is such a popular major, most good universities will have a good psychology department. Stanford, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Cal, Yale and UCLA are generally regarded as the top psychology programs in the nation, but the UIUC, Minnesota, Carnegie Mellon, Wisconsin-Madison etc...all have fabulous programs, as do many of the LACs. Like I said, it is such a popular major that most decent universities have good programs of psychology.</p>

<p>If you major in psych, you should plan to go to grad school. Otherwise, you will have trouble finding employment. Psych is a good dual-major with a more marketable discipline like Business or Education. If you plan to go to grad school for psych, you can set yourself apart from the many other psych students by taking courses in math, statistics, biology, and chemistry. Psychology is a byproduct of biology. Psychologists use statistical analysis in their research. Clinical (Abnormal) Psych PhD is the most employable, lucrative degree.</p>

<p>By the way, most programs (that i've seen anyways) require statistics anyways :D. My other point being that I agree it's good to couple it with a more marketable major, because there's not many jobs you can get with just the B.A.</p>

<p>but other than grad school, you can also branch into med school in relation to psychology right?</p>

but other than grad school, you can also branch into med school in relation to psychology right?


<p>I think psychology and psychiatry are a tad different.</p>

<p>You can go into med school with pretty much any undergrad major, as long as you've taken the required science classes. In fact, I plan to do exactly that with a psych degree.</p>

<p>if you major in neuroscience, you can take both psych classes and bio classes for your major</p>

<p>is there a major called "pre-med" for undergrads or is it just a term for people that want to go to med school.</p>

<p>There is no such major as "pre-med", premedicine means you are taking an array of courses while studying for your MCAT exam in order to qualify for med school. The majority of Premed students are biology or chemistry majors, not to say there are tons of different majors ranging from English to History that a premed may be.</p>

<p>Clark is considered possibly the best, especially at undergrad level.</p>

<p>Clark??? THE best??? according to who?</p>

<p>Clark is very well known for research opportunities at the undergraduate level, and students often are able to see their names listed on their professors' published work.</p>