best suny school?

<p>what do you guys consider the best SUNY school. Im probably gonna go in as a bio major but Id like a place that is well rounded in case I switch over to something unrelated.
I have the grades for a "better" private school with a 750math 670cr and 580writing and 3.7 gpa, but dont have the money and don't think id qualify for a significant scholarship. Ideally id like to go to northeastern, but 40 grand a year for 5 years isnt going to be easy to find.
Of the SUNYs which do you think is the best, so far I think I want to apply to Stony Brook and Binghamton, or possibly albany or oneonta</p>

<p>look on like page two of this forum for another thread asking the same question</p>

<p>I like SUNY Buffalo and SUNY College at Geneseo. SUNY College of Environmental Science at Syracuse is excellent, as are the State of New York statutory colleges at Cornell.</p>

<p>the ones at Cornell:</p>

<p>1) aren't quite SUNY. Quite a few differences, just dont confuse with a full-on suny school
2) tuition + room and board at these schools = $32,000 a year. Not like SUNY. </p>

<p>having said that, if you're willing to swing the price, Cornell CALS is easily trumps all of the suny schools in most academic departments including biology. In fact, Cornell is one of the best in the US when it comes to biology, and they boast exceptional med school placement rates.</p>

<p>Suny Bing. is the "ivy" of the SUNY schools, easy to get into but as challenging to strive and stay in as tradionally more competitive schools</p>

<p>i like stony brook</p>

<p>apply to northeastern anyway, you might get money, you have a 1420 SAT</p>

<p>i agree binghamton is the most prestigious. geneseo is second. and stonybrook is ok for sciences.</p>

<p>i wouldnt recommend the rest</p>

<p>I always thought It was Binghamton then Buffalo, I dunno of all of them all I would consider is Bing.</p>

<p>***.. geneseo?
in NYC its like this</p>


<p>and the rest just suck</p>

<p>geneseo is the best suny school, based on the fact that it has the highest admission standards out of any SUNY school with the lowest acceptance rate and highest average sat scores</p>

<p>stony brooks not hard to get into, but it's still a good school</p>

<p>albany is horrendous, its a non-stop party school for the type of kids in high school who don't do any work and want to get drunk on weeknights... its among the top party schools on PR, yet the top at the list of "students are least happy"...</p>

<p>Depends on what you're going for, honestly.</p>

<p>And actually, Geneseo is the top in it's academic profile. But seriously.. you want medical - Stony Brook, Music Education go to Potsdam, other education you're gonna wanna go to one of the Liberal Arts colleges, etc.</p>

<p>If you go according to the major college ranking - conducted by US News Magazine - Binghamton is solidly the top SUNY school. Stony Brook is the second best, with UB consistently coming in a distant third. See the results here.</p>

<p></a> America's Best Colleges 2008: National Universities: Top Schools</p>

<p>Other rankings, specifically those conducted by Washington Monthly and Forbes Magazine, yield the same result:</p>

<li>Stony Brook</li>
<li>University at Buffalo</li>

<p>How</a> to Choose a College -</p>

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<p>Cornell Ag School, plus the financial aid is great.</p>

<p>Otherwise, Geneseo and Binghamton.</p>

<p>oswego is best.</p>

<p>SUNY Albany has a $6 Billion Nano Tech College that was ranked #1 in the world by Small Times magazine. The college is home to Semtech, the semiconductor consortium, which left Austin Texas for Albany. I won't list all the college and program rankings but before you trash about a college, you might want to do a little research. Albany is #1 in research in SUNY and that is without having a med school. Educate yourself.</p>

<p>not stony brook.
bing and geneseo</p>

<p>In Central NY state,( we are 2 hours from Bing. & one hour from Geneseo,) Geneseo is thought of as by far the most prestigious (everyone has a different view of best). Our top kids who don't want to travel outside of the state typically apply to: Cornell, Colgate, U of Roch.,RIT, & Geneseo. In fact our valdectorian of two years ago was denied at Geneseo but accepted at Cornell & U of Roch....that has upped Geneseo's "prestige factor" at our school.</p>

<p>For the sciences, Stonybrook is probably the best...and it has lots of other majors. SUNY B is, of course, a great school all around. After that, maybe Albany and Buffalo. I think Oneonta is better for liberal arts. You might look at that as a safety.</p>