Binge watched tv shows

Yes, I think I’d read that as well.

Universal family struggle and love. They did a wonderful job with Shtisel. No politics. All seasons were fantastic.

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Try Bonus Family

Caught a stray episode of Death in Paradise which apparently has 10 seasons. I saw episode 1 season 8. It seems like it could be standalone. But I’m trying to figure out if I can watch from the beginning without paying Amazon a small fortune.

I started streaming Crazy Ex Girlfriend two days ago, and am madly in love with the show. Just watched the episode with the Fred and Ginger number and had to rewind and watch that part twice, it was sooooo good.

Watched the first three episodes of Mare of Easttown during the Xfinity Watchathon week and really enjoyed it. Same with The Flight Attendant (only 3 episodes of each show were available). Darn! Now I will have to figure out how to watch the rest of the episodes without having to subscribe to HBO. :frowning:

When watchathons are announced, we watch nothing else. We used the 2 watchathons last year to watch the newest season of Outlander, catching about half the episodes each time. We end up watching lots of British stuff on Acorn. Got hooked on Agatha Raisin. TIP: Do not start Agatha Raisin with S1 Ep1—there is a 90 minute movie that predates the seasons, provides lots of backstory and introduces the characters.

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After George Segal died we started watching The Goldbergs. It was not on my radar at all before that. We are really enjoying it. I think we are on season 3 now. We also binged Freaks and Geeks. Have watched Derry Girls through 3 times I think. Love that show. Really enjoyed Ted Lasso too. Also the Good Place and Kim’s Convenience. We tend to go fairly light. Our kids aren’t too into the dark stuff, well at least not DD22. We have also loved “Raised by Wolves” on Acorn (British homeschooling hilarious comedy) and we enjoyed “Motherland” (the British comedy series with Diane Morgan and Anna Maxwell Martin).