Binge watched tv shows

The Americans is an outstanding show. It stays good.


I like Maid but when I thereafter read the book which it is loosely based on I was very surprised that the real life woman was about to turn thirty when she had her baby. The actress who portrayed her was so young looking I viewed her as a late-teen who never had a chance to get her life together. I viewed a 30 year old who spent her 20’s from one itinerant job to another because she enjoyed that life very differently. I had much less sympathy honestly.

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I live in the DC area and it drives me nuts when in a show or movie, the person drives by practically every…single…monument on their way somewhere - they must have take the worst route ever :smile:

Or they say “the 495”. No, it is just “495” or “the Beltway”, but never “the 495” or “the 270”.


My daughter and I were watching until it went off Netflix :frowning:

Actually frightening how the same issues are still issues!


East coast/west coast thing. We in MA take 95, 495, 93, etc, never with a “the”. Funny one is that we never take “90”, it’s always The Mass Pike. We don’t refer to I-93 the way west coasters talk about I-5.

Another unique one here in MA is the major highway that semi-circles around Boston is a combination of I-93 and I-95. But we old timers call it “128”, as that was the state highway that 93 and 95 essentially built right on top of. 128 was once called “America’s Technology Highway”.


It took a while after moving to San Diego to get used to how they call interstates. Back in Chicagoland, we called them all by name - the Kennedy, the Eisenhower, the Stevenson, the Tristate, the Dan Ryan…

On another note, the series finale of The Expanse was excellent. Highly recommend the entire series a d the books.

And on yet another note, Netflix is raising their subscription rates. Boo - I only started with them last year.

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Yes, yes, yes to Last Tango in Halifax. My favorite show in years. I keep looking for something as good, endearing, and well written, but so far nothing comes close.


Even on the west coast there are differences. In WA we say I-5. In CA they say “the 5”. I recently said to my new, youngish (i.e. couldn’t have been here long enough to have adopted the local lingo) pharmacist, “oh, you’ve recently moved here from CA”. She was stunned that I somehow knew that, but her comment about “the 5” was a dead giveaway.

I have always called it “128” and I don’t think I’m alone in my generation :grin:

I really enjoyed The Durrells in Corfu, but somehow never finished the series.


So true re interstate names in Chicago. Netflix is still a bargain in my view.

I’ll try it. I have such specific needs regarding the “ tone” of a show that is not a mystery or procedural. When the characters ARE the story it needs to be Not too silly, not to crass, not too mean spirited, not too unhappy. If a show has a really really warm tone I can handle a bit more crassness ( see “I’m Sorry” The main character is crass but she has such a warm and loving relationship with her husband that I can overlook it). But The Durells in Corfu had a edge of something….unpleasant to me…I can’t quite put my finger on it…that I did not like it


I just finished Maid last night. Really enjoyed it. The main characters mom was so familiar to me - she was a popular actress a few decades back! There was a point - about episode 5 - that I thought the show was about to get spooky (not a me theme!) but it didn’t. I don’t know that there will be a 2nd season? I felt they sort of wrapped things up. Really liked it.

I’m always behind the tv curve on this thread but also finished the second season of Emily In Paris last night. Heard the show has got a lot of backlash over stereotypes. I don’t disagree but also I see it as mindless entertainment. I’ll watch a 3rd season come the time.


Just joining thread for first time so I apologize for repeating anything that’s already been said but here is what I’ve liked in the last few years, in no particular order:

The Americans
Downton Abbey
The Restaurant
The Good Place
Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad
Mad Men
Mrs. Maisel

We’re currently in season 3 of The Wire and really enjoying it. Very intense, though.

I feel like H and I are the only ones who ever watched Rome (HBO series.) It was only on for two seasons, unfortunately. Truly excellent.

I tend to like most shows that become mainstream hits but one notable exception is Yellowstone. I really can’t stand it.


My wife tried Yellowstone but found the first episode so incredibly violent she had no desire to continue watching, and has not.


I often slip up and still call it 128, but more often than not, I tend to say “are we going straight through (i.e. 93) or around (i.e. 95/128)?” as we go to and from Maine often from south of Boston.

No Better Call Saul? It’s definitely not as good as Breaking Bad, but worth watching the prequel. There’s also a movie focused on Jessie - El Camino.

We finished dexter new blood this week. I really liked it. I won’t spoil the ending. It wasn’t what I thought would happen, but it made sense. It was much better than the end of season 8! It seemed well thought out and I liked how they tied the old show to the new.

I forgot about that one - we started it in high hopes but left halfway through the second season, I think. I love Jessie from Breaking Bad. Which reminds me of Fargo - we enjoyed a couple seasons of that - I think there was a season where he was married to Kirsten Dunst?

Another series we enjoyed a while back is Nurse Jackie with Edie Falco. She’s just so good.


She says she’s 24 or 25 in the show. Not that much of a difference. And Stephanie Land was about 28 in the book. But she gets this a lot (online friend of mine.)