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The coaches at my Texas high school (where Drew Brees and Nick Foles later attended) all taught classes. The head coach was my driver’s ed teacher. Maybe it’s changed since then, though.

Many states have a DMV. Here in Massachusetts, no one calls it that----it’s “the registry” (of motor vehicles). So RMV would be more accurate, but again, nobody calls it DMV, or RMV–it’s (music of doom in background) The Registry (woe to those who enter its portals, hope you’ve got a day to waste!).

When Zootopia depicted sloths as DMV workers, I nearly fell out of my seat!!

So any show or movie set in MA should refer to the registry but they never do.

Not a goof, but I finished the first season of The Lincoln Lawyer last night. When I first started watching it, I was wondering who the actor playing Mickey was as I’d never seen him before. Then I learned he was a Mexican actor. I would never have known until the last couple of episodes when his native accent came out on a few occasions in the dialog - I’m not talking about his ability to pronounce Hispanic names or even converse in Spanish in the show. Rather, I didn’t detect a Hispanic accent in regular dialog until a couple of scenes in the last two episodes. At least one was a dramatic scene with lots of shouting, so it may have been hard for him to maintain the American accent.

It always amazes me when actors can convincingly play parts requiring accents. I just found out that the main characters wife in No Country for Old Men is a Scottish actor (was Jo on Call of Duty).

Not at all uncommon. Idris Elba in The Wire. Hugh Laurie in House. Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead. Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor. Jesse Spencer and Eamonn Walker in Chicago Fire. And that’s just TV.


Matthew Rhys in The Americans (among other shows)

Yes, I know ski. Also Saoirse Ronan in several roles. And Morgan in the Walking Dead. I also know that that Andrew Lincoln’s name is actually Andrew Clutterbuck.

My Point was that I admire actors who can do it. And that the actor in the Lincoln Lawyer obviously lost focus for a bit in two episodes and I noticed - a kind of goof, which was being discussed.

Ok, but not sure it was a goof. In an early episode, he said that he moved to Mexico after his parents’ divorce. He returned to LA sometime in his teens, but presumably spoke Spanish/Spanglish at home. So it could be Mickey Haller, for career purposes, adopted a more neutral accent, which comes and goes.


I saw that Hulu has a new limited series about The Sex Pistols. I told H we need to watch it.

OK ski, that’s a feasible explanation, lol. You should go back and look for a scene in the last two episodes where he’s outside shouting at someone, maybe Griggs? And see if you can see what I’m talking about. I’ll look tonight to see if I can find it. Gotta walk the dogs right now.

About fast forwarding in shows: I fast forwarded over the sex and fighting scenes in Bridgerton, which meant there wasn’t much else to see :joy:. I only watched the first series and gave up.

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The actor has said the creators took a risk by casting him because he does have an accent and that his character was supposed to have a slight accent that’s stronger at times (like when he’s angry etc……)


My HS football coach was also a Driver’s Ed Teacher. Went on to become an NFL GM. Never would have thunk it back then - right @Colorado_mom?


Our HS coach taught driver’s ed too. True treasure to so many outside football coaching duties if you watch FB forums. He touched a lot of lives just keeping kids centered on what matters in life.

I just watched Stranger Things. :exploding_head:


I don’t get the love for that show.

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Call The Midwife fans–I just finished bingeing every episode available on Netflix. Anyone have any advice on how to watch Season 11? I’m totally smitten and need to see these if at all possible–thanks!


And also its nuanced approach to the topic of abortion seems so apropos today. Sadly.

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Not sure if there are more CTM seasons available… but here’s an interesting podcast - BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Heidi Thomas, screenwriter

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@garland unfortunately it looks like Season 11 of CTM was only available to stream until about two weeks ago. Until it is rebroadcast, the only way to watch is to pay for it ($25 for the whole season on Prime and AppleTV).


thanks! I was afraid I’d just missed it, and might have to consider this!