Binge watched tv shows

After binging season 1 of Expanse, I started the book series. Then I leap frogged between them. It was fun noting the similarities and differences.

Unfortunately DH is not into binge watching, so I’ve gotten way ahead of the TV series. Starting book 8, while we are still slowly watching once a week or so we are still somewhere in Season 3.

My wife had us binge watching “Endeavour”, then “The Terminal List”, and finally “Jack Reacher”.
All good.

I don’t fast forward, but I definitely grit my teeth through all the CE scenes. It’s not just him, but also the awfulness of the character. Not as bad in the later seasons, but in the first couple, just awful.

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Chris Elliott seems to specialize in cringe-worthy characters.


i loved endeavour! liked jack reacher - so i’ll try Terminal List now. thanks

and to all - i’m late the party but loving friday night lights!


For fans of BBC Ghosts, season 4 dropped on iPlayer today. No idea when it will be released on HBO Max. I’ve just seen one episode of the new season, but it was far superior to Season 3.


We started watching a French crime thriller drama called Balthazar. We need subtitled as my French is about minus 5.

We were hooked and watched the first 3 episodes in one sitting. So far, it was very good, both the plot and the acting. It does not hurt that the French leading man, Balthazar, is a very attractive pathologist :smile:

Has anyone watched it? It is worth watching.

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What service did you watch it on?

We have watched it on Acorn. We got Acorn through Roku.

Love to hear what you and anyone who will watch Balthazar think about it. It definitely is worth watching, even with a subtitle.

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Watched season 3 (final season) of Derry Girls on an Aer Lingus flight. Will have to watch it again when it appears on Netflix (due to noise on plane and lack of captions available), but it’s very satisfying and puts a punctuation mark on the series.

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Tonight we watched the first episode (of 5) of Our Great National Parks. It was relaxing to watch beautiful scenery and animal photography. It covers worldwide National Parks, so I learned a lot about new info about faraway places and some interesting animals. It is narrated by Barack Obama.


I have really enjoyed Balthazar. I think I am a season behind, at this point. The show itself is pretty engrossing, but I’m also enjoying the opportunity to improve my French.

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Thanks for the heads up! I watched the first two seasons years ago and have been impatiently waiting for the next/final season. Looks like it will air Oct 7 on Netflix.

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Yay! I will have to rewatch–again–in preparation for that!

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I really liked Balthazar Season 1&2 (or 1-3?) but due to the ending of the previous season I’ve not enjoyed the new one as much.
The MD reminds me a bit of House but younger and clearly handsome. The detective is best in the 2nd season.
There’s another one with a similar “stern detective/wild partner” pattern where the wild partner is a highly gifted, potty-mouthed cleaning lady, called “HPI” - it’s been purchased by NBC I think.

I like watching both, although I find it confusing to watch BBC Ghosts since I’m used to CBS Ghosts. The humor is a bit different and I keep wanting to call the British ghosts by their American name! Once I’m more used to the British show I’ll be able to make more comparisons.
As of now, I like Trevor better than the City Banker (who so far seems more one-note but I may not have watched enough, or perhaps I understand better the send off of “bro humor” for Trevor). :slight_smile:


But yes, he’s much less likable than Trevor.

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We are in Season 2 of Balthazar. So far, so good.

Balthazar reminded me of Harrow. Have you seen Harrow? It is an Australian crime drama. The leading character, Harrow, is a forensic pathologist, too. It is another crime drama we like.

No, I haven’t. Will look for it.
Am watching “McDonald and Dodds” as per a recommendation on this thread and it’s excellent!
First, I love that it’s located in Bath, a city I find fantastic. (Beside Oxbridge, perhaps my ideal English university city). I love the wide shots of the town. And I know the reaction they were going for when McDonald criticizes the historical buildings for being all the same :stuck_out_tongue:
In addition, you immediately see each character’s professional flaws but the show doesn’t use it to make them incompetent, sth I find refreshing, ie., you don’t have to be perfect to be skilled and professional, you may have weaknesses and still do a great job.