Binghamton Class of 2026 Early Action - RESULTS

This thread is for the high school class of 2022 to discuss their Binghamton admissions decisions.


Date Applied:
Desired Major/School:

NY or OOS:

Date Notified:
Any merit aid:

Are there other threads for Binghamton 2022 Fall Admissions? I can’t find any active thread with students/parents sharing stats and updates for Binhamton 2022 Admission.

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@HSParentOf2 I am a parent of a Class of 2022 student. Is there something I can answer for you?

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Is the student OOS? Generally, the only thing offered to in state students is Scholars, a one time $3500 payment. Apparently I’m not authorized to link you to information on the scholars program, but you can easily search on the Binghamton website and find it.