Bio and Physical Science Gen Eds?

<p>I'm currently a music education major so does it matter if I take stupid science classes to fulfill my gen ed requirements? I don't want to take something hard if I don't have to. But does that look bad? And what are some easy science classes? I already took WIS2040. I'm registered right now for GEO2242 but I don't know if I should drop it and take something else.</p>

<p>geo2242 is definitely not stupid! it does actually require some studying, so don't just blow it off. </p>

<p>that said, it is relatively easy, but boring. it's called "extreme" weather, but it's really "introduction to meteorology and normal weather, except the last 2 weeks is hurricanes and tornadoes" so if that sounds boring and uninteresting to you now, drop it asap. to give an idea on how boring it was, we spent a little over a week and a half on just cloud types last semester :(</p>

<p>a great bio science gen ed that is super fun is BOT2800C, plants in human affairs. it also has a lab component if you need the lab requirement. but even if you don't need a lab, it's still super fun to take. there was a minimal amount of work, but it was still an engaging class. the lecture part incorporated the botany science and history, and in lab you do fun crafty type stuff, like making soap and tye-dye.</p>