Black Guy/MIT, Do I have a Chance?

<p>I'm a junior. Black, male, first-gen status. I also reside in VA. I had some issues as a freshman so I'm a bit worried about the application process. So I need some expert advice on my chances.
Freshman Year: 2.75 GPA, 2 Unweighted Honors Courses.
Sophomore Year: 3.57 GPA, 2 Unweighted Honors Courses.
Junior Year(Current): Business/Finance A, Spanish 3 B, Physics Honors A. AP Macroeconomics B, AP Microeconomics A, AP English Language B+, PreCalculus Honors B+, US VA History A
Unweighted GPA:3.714 Weighted GPA:3.857 My school doesn't weight honors.
So my cumulative GPA is going to be low because of freshman year: 3.3
However my school does not rank its students.</p>

<p>EC's: National Business Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America (Vice President), Science Honor Society, Freshman Basketball (Captain), JV Basketball (Co-Captain), Winter Varsity Track & Field, Spring Varsity Track & Field, DECA, Junior Math Team, Senior Math Team, AAU Basketball, Travel Soccer. Teach Kindergarten Sunday School every week. Volunteer at local library. I will probably gain more leadership positions as a Senior.
I have excellent recs, from the hardest teachers at my school. My essay will be above average explaining freshman year troubles.</p>

<p>SAT's: 2100 (going to improve to at least 2200) Math:720, WR:710, CR:670. I still have to take Math Level 2, Physics, and maybe Literature.
I will probably major in Finance while minoring in something Science related.
Schools I plan on Applying to: MIT, UVA, UPenn, VTech, James Madison, William & Mary, Boston U, Northeastern, Cornell, Boston College, Fordham. I wasn't even thinking of applying until I received a letter from Bryan G. Nance (Director of Minority Recruitment) stating their interest. I know it's not a guarantee but do I have a chance? Thanks</p>

<p>lol...I just got a letter from Bryan Nance today, aslo.</p>

<p>my god father is one of the admissions officers for mit, and from what ive heard from him over the years, you have a good chance, you'll be fine. just keep working hard.</p>

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<p>Doubt it. 2.75 in one year is too low for MIT.</p>

<p>You can argue for upward trend, but I think you're out of luck. Sorry man; I got deferred initially from EA with a 4.69 GPA, rank 1/1000+. Expect that kind of competition at all of these types of schools.</p>

<p>were you an urm?</p>

<p>I am an urm</p>

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<p>*** is urm?</p>

<p>Uhhh, I'm not an expert, but I'm not so sure about you getting in with your freshman grades. If something happened to you your freshman year, maybe, but your overall GPA to me seems a bit low.</p>

<p>under-represented minority
GPA is a bit on the lower end, but dont let that discourage you from applying. everything else is good/great.</p>

<p>Considering the black accepted rate at MIT is 31.6%, you have a decent chance. (compared to the overall 15.9%)</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> (scroll to the bottom)</p>

<p>I looked up some info on their website and I will probably be applying for a spot in the MIT Sloan School of Management. What are my chances in this department?</p>