Blue Book Test 7 Section 8 #14

<p>Nicely connected to
Blue Book Test 2 Section 9 #9
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<li>If n and p are integers greater than 1 and if p is a factor of both
n + 3 and n + 10, what is the value of p?</li>

<p>a 3
b 7
c 10
d 13
e 30</p>

<p>Can you do it faster than with the modular arithmetics?</p>

<p>I just took test 7 today, actually, and spent a few minutes doing that one by plugging in numbers. What is the quickest way to do it?</p>

<p>hey is the answer (B) 7?</p>

<p>Yes, B is correct.</p>

<p>Ok i checked the answer and i was right the answer is y
its pretty easy easy you just have to subtract 3 from both the numbers</p>



<li>the answer is 7 i wrote y... lol my bad</li>

<h2>n+10 = 0 (mod p)</h2>

<h2>n+ 3 = 0 (mod p)</h2>

<p>7 = 0 (mod p)
7 is a multiple of p
p>1 => p=7. Answer (b).</p>