Boston College v. Villanova

<p>For a friend of mine who is interested in an undergraduate degree in Biology and has an inclination to pursue med school in the future, which would you most recommend? (And why, if you'd like to add that too?)</p>

<p>Main Contenders:</p>

<p>Boston College
cost: around 50K per year
(at full price, but the clear favorite in terms of personal preference)</p>

<p>Villanova University
cost: around 22K per year
(with a $3,000 annual renewable scholarship + $17,000 in financial aid)</p>

<p>Other Options:</p>

<p>McGill University
cost: around 22K per year
(at full price- though tuition is cheaper in Canada- but also then including the cost of transportation to Montreal from the NY metropolitan area)</p>

<p>Providence College
cost: around 20K per year
(with a $20,000+ annual renewable scholarship, plus the ability to play DI tennis)</p>

<p>or Allegheny or Fordham, both with significant discounts</p>

<p>Thanks in advance, and good luck to all making tough financial decision!</p>

<p>I suppose it depends on a few things. The first would be how important the financial aspect of college is for your friend. The other would be what they want out of their school. I am going to McGill next year which is metropolitan, large university in a big city, whereas BC and Villanova are on the outskirts of cities, but are smaller. If they are concerned with prestige my personal rankings go McGill, BC, Villanova=Providence. technically McGill is twentieth in the world (US News and World Report), but that could be as a result of the grad school, and they have a notoriously difficult to deal with administration. on the plus side the drinking age is 18. BC is also extremely well respected, and is more of a traditional american college. I don't know much about villanova, but i have a friend deciding between Villanova and BC and she said they are very similar. I am pretty sure Providence is like the two of them as well, but again i do not know much about it.</p>