<p>i was accepted to NYU GSP..but it doesn't really appeal to me. What do you think my chances are at Boston U business school?
average : 97
SAT: 1930 (620v 670m)
rank: 25 out of 249
Currently taking: AP Calc, AP Bio, AP Eng..
completed courses: Calc, college alg, precalc, ap euro, bio, chem, physics(all honors)
much volunteer work, honors, awards, sports...</p>

<p>i might ask...</p>

<p>im j/w if u were deferred from stern to gsp..bc ur intersted in BU's business program</p>

<p>originally applied to cas but got placed in gsp.</p>

<p>Doesnt matter , you're still going to end up getting an NYU degree.. I would say NYU!!</p>

<p>I would say BU would be a match/ super tiny reach?</p>