Boston University Early Decision financial aid question

<p>Hi, i was wondering if any one who applied Early Decision to Boston University could tell me anything about it. Especially about the financial aid given. Because i think BU is my top choice ( i am visiting there in the summer) and want to apply ED, but my family cannot afford to pay 50 thousand dollars, so i was wondering what the financial aid is like for BU for ED. What happens if i get accepted ED and cannot afford to pay and dont get enough financial aid?</p>

<p>Any other facts or opinions about Boston University ED would be great thanks!</p>

<p>applying to Sargent college is that matters</p>

<p>the trend with all colleges recently is that the only way you can opt out of an ED descision (if you are accepted) is if you show demonstrated financial need, and absolutely can not attend based on the finaid they give you.</p>

<p>i got accepted to mount holyoke ed 2 with insufficient FA. I declined the offer and they didn't say anything.</p>

<p>Bumppppp anyone else? I will do chances back</p>