Brandeis- chance me!

<p>I attend a small and rigorious provate high school in New Jersey. We often send kids to Brandeis, abd one has already been admitted. To give some context to the rigor we do all of high school in 3.5 years, because we spend the second semester abroad doing community service/ studying/ traveling (etc). My graduating class is 37 kids, so the school does not rank. </p>

<p>ACT Composites: 31 (sept. test); 30 (April Test)
SAT: 1870 (did not submit it)
GPA: 3.75/ 4.0
Transcript: All As and Bs. first mp senior year was all As except for 1 B and 1 B+
Classes include the normal ones as well as 3 additional core jewish studies courses that are focused on writing and critical thinking
Mostly honors and APs when available. (4 APs offered in junior year and thats it) I took AP United States History (4 on the test)</p>

<p>Extracurriculars- A LOT (this probly wont cover it all)
Volunteer: Local Hospital 9th-10th
Physical Therapy Clinic (11th- 12th)
Neighborhood 9th-12th (as needed)
New Orleans Katrina Relief Mission
School: Dance team, Model UN, Arts Council, Set crew/ backstage crew for all shows, National Honor Society, Science enrichment club (competed in science olympiad 10th-12th), Yearbook (12th: Senior Section Editor), Varsity Soccer (9th-12th), Varsity Swimming (9th-12th; will probably be captain in 12th),
Out of school:
Lifeguard/ Swim intructor (worked 2 summers at day camps)
Study abroad (6 weeks over the summer before 11th grade)
Explorers Post Club
Essays: common app essay is really good and i think the supplement is also.
Recs: Should be very good</p>