Brown Class of 2023 Applicants Discussion

It’ll be VERY active in about 3.5 hours :slight_smile:

I left school early because LMAO ANXIOUS. im taking a nap until 6

I wish I could do that! Have a great nap

only 3 hrs and 30 mins left …

i have been shaking for the last three days. not fun.

@seraphim22 Try to calm down!! Try talking on this forum it helps me relax.

did we end up making a discord chat ?

Lets go guys :smiley:

good luck everyone <3333 remember this doesnt determine your personal worth or success

3 hours!

180 minutes, 10800 seconds until we know. I wish every person here the best of luck. This goes for all of you, including myself. Remember, we took a long shot with Brown. It’s one of the hardest schools to get into on the PLANET, but we did it because we had some faith and loved the school and what it stands for. If we get in or we don’t, it might take some time to mentally process the outcome either way. Regardless, go on with your day. Do what you were going to do after 6 PM. Live your life, don’t let a rejection or a deferral change the choices you make or the actions you choose. Brown can’t take every body, that’s just a given. It wouldn’t be personal to not be admitted, only a logistical disappointment. Head up high, be proud that we were qualified enough to be considered in the first place. Go on to do amazing things. Have a great rest of your day. <33


You guys, you’re all so amazing. I want nothing more than for us all to get in and be classmates next year and it’s so sad that can’t be possible. So much good luck and love to u all

is anyone here applying from NY?

CT here

Tennessee !


Kuwait but studying in US

So nervous :frowning:

What are you guys gonna do for the next 2 hours?! I’ve just been sitting here freaking out