Brown/Gtown SFS- other schools? chances?

<p>I am looking to transfer to a school with strong programs in economics/history/poli sci. I need to be somewhere with a more intellectually focused environment than my current school, UCLA. I would like to be somewhere with a rich history as well. My top choices are Brown and Georgetown. I love Brown for its academic freedom, which will allow me to take a lot of history and literature courses while pursuing a degree in political science and economics. Georgetown's International Political Economy major in the School of Foreign Service is an incredible match with my goals and interests. Does anyone have suggestions for other places that would be good matches for me? </p>

<p>Also, please consider my qualifications:</p>

<p>-College GPA after only one quarter: 3.56 (A-,A-,B+) (Honors Program beginning next quarter)
-HS GPA: 4.19
-SATs: 1470
-SAT IIs: 730 writing, 710 math 1C, 700 literature</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your input! I could really use the help.</p>

<p>I would like to clarify that I don't refer to these schools as "matches" in the sense that I feel I have a strong chance of gaining admission. I know how hard they are to get into.</p>