Brown - Not disclosing # of applicants or spots

<p>So at the suggestion of nspeds and Timberland in other threads regarding Brown's supposed increased selectivity in transfer admission this year, I called their admission office. I inquired on the approximate number of applicants and possible spots available for transfer students for this coming fall, and the admissions officer responded to both questions with a "Sorry, we don't have those numbers available." To those of you who were worried about the dramatic decrease in spots available, you may not have to worry... in nspeds' and Timberland's previous posts they stated that Brown's admissions office could provide any transfer applicant with the relevant information about this applicant pool, but it seems that this is not so. If their information is indeed correct, than it must be insider info, without any way of being proven until we all receive our decisions from Brown. Has anyone else called the admission office regarding this year's numbers?</p>

<p>I also called the bluffs of nspeds and Timberland today, and received the same story as TubescreamerX. I am still assuming Brown will be very selective, as this is the safest assumption to make in order not to be disappointed. However, as TubescreamerX pointed out, it appears there is no way of confirming this info. Surprising considering Timberland told us if we called ourselves they would tell us the the same thing, when in fact they did not.</p>

<p>I also just called Brown's admissions office, and the woman said that they might have a few less spots open this year, but that it should be around 200, give or take. So overall, it looks like the acceptance rate should be approximately the same as it is most years, unless there are a lot more applicants.</p>

<p>There is a reason why I know the numbers, though I cannot say why.</p>

<p>If you choose not to believe me, I am fine with it. I was just passing on what I was told. I have nothing to gain out of lying, since you all already submitted your applications anyways. </p>

<p>What is done, is done.</p>

<p>I hope you guys are all right- I would love to go to Brown!</p>

<p>tubescreamerx, TheMagnanimous, asdfghjkl:</p>

<p>I really appreciate that you guys actually called to get valid information. I was starting to get worried about the rumors but it's nice to know that this will not be a highly unusual transfer year for Brown.</p>

<p>nspeds, maybe the admissions officer you talked to was mistaken...or for whatever reason, maybe they were lying to you</p>

<p>by the way, i called them also...twice. i got the same response as everybody else.</p>

<p>timberland, so you made up that story about calling brown?</p>

<p>Seriously, nspeds and his feisty attitude just make me happy that I don't know him in real life. If he can come off as this much of a pretentious prick online, imagine what it'd be like to actually have to listen to him in person...</p>

<p>Be thankful, everyone.</p>

<p>i was thinking the same thing hahahahhaha</p>


<p>Sure, there is a reason why you "know" the numbers. Someone in the admissions office told you that it was very competitive this year and there were much fewer spots. That was ONE admissions officer or representative. However, at least 4 people, including myself, have called Brown and gotten information that does not support your claim. Also, it is likely that the 4 of us spoke to different people in their office, but the fact that the story was similar or the same in all cases is strong evidence that the one person you spoke to was either exaggerating, of higher rank, or misinformed. If the person you spoke to was of greater influence in their office, it would be foolish for the rest of the admissions people to be misinformed and providing applicants unreliable information. Also, I don't think Brown representatives would lie to several applicants calling at different times.</p>


<p>Did you ever call Brown yourself and inquire?</p>


<p>Could you clarify what Brown's response was both times you called? TheMagnanimous and I got different information than asdfghjkl, so I'm wondering whether they told you they didn't have info/numbers available or that the number of spots would be somewhere around 200, maybe slightly lower.</p>

<p>and..i know an independent college advisor, who is very tight w. these admissions office, and he specifically said that there was no major incr in aps or spots for these schools that they knew about as of now....</p>

<p>i doubt that brown went from 750 aps to 1110 in a matter of a year</p>

I appreciate your rationale and the fact that everyone is getting different information is not surprising- like I said before, I am just like you guys in that I hope those who got the most encouraging information are indeed correct. However, yes, I did call after reading nspeds' post and when I first directed my question to the receptionist who answered the phone she said that she would imagine whatever it says on the application is correct since they update the applications every year (it said generally something like 200 spots) however, when I asked further she asked if I would like to speak with an admission officer and after being put on hold I spoke with a very friendly and seemingly candid gentleman who told me that numbers were down this year, did not have the numbers off the top of his head but said around 100 sounded feasible, however he also said he believed they only took in the high 100's last year which leads me to only hope maybe his numbers are on the lower side for some reason. I guess we can only all really wait and hope for the best. best of luck</p>

<p><b> Where is Nspeds original post? </b></p>

<p>He said:</p>

<p>I should let some of you know that very few will be admitted at Brown this year, as per a conversation with an adcom I had on Thursday.</p>

<p>By "very few," I mean... "Harvard very few."</p>

<p>Timberland, thanks for clarifying.</p>

<p>There are a few threads in which nspeds posted his information regarding Brown transfers this year; here's just one example:
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<p>What I don't understand is why his information is such a secret... it wouldn't hurt anyone to know what he actually heard from admissions (i.e. the number of applicants/slots). By not providing any concrete figures or info from the person he spoke to, his claim is just pointless. He had no reason to stir everyone browsing the transfers forum on College Confidential with unbacked statements.</p>

<p>hey...just stumbled upon this site. I thought I would reply because my father has just spoken with the (i think) dean of transfer admissions yesterday to discuss financial aid and he told my father that this is the most competitive year in the history of Brown for transfer applicants. There are about 1200 applicants (double that of last year) to fill 60 spots. (30 spots for fall and 30 spots for spring). They will tell you when you are accepted whether they accepted you for the fall or spring semester. My apologies go out to Brown if this information was suppose to remain undisclosed. Why there was such an increase in applicants, i have no idea. Good luck to everyone!</p>


<p>Second: </p>

i doubt that brown went from 750 aps to 1110 in a matter of a year


<p>so it seems teh doubtful has happened.</p>