BSMD applicants college experience report

There is a section for Personal Comment on AMCAS(~5300 chars) application. IMO, it is for candidate’s Personal Statement. One should not leave it empty. The Experience section allows maximum 15 activities, three of these may be designated as ‘most meaningful’ (which allows a larger char counts).
Each activity needs to be categorized as one of many choices like Community Service/Volunteer-Medical/Clinical, Community Service/Volunteer - Not Medical/Clinical, Extracurricular Activities, Honors/Awards/Recognitions, Teaching/Tutoring/Teaching Assistant, Research/Lab, Physician Shadowing/Clinical Observation, Leadership, etc.

D graduated today(Bachelor of Science degree with summa cum laude honors, top 2% of graduating class) and is looking forward to her future journey. D was also a Phi Beta Kappa.