BU Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

It certainly can’t hurt to get in contact with the admissions representative for your state/region and ask. It is likely they remind everyone a mid-year report is needed for RD to have a more recent update of grades and it doesn’t really signify anything, but it never hurts to show interest.

The same thing happened to me.

Tom, do you know when BU normally releases ED1 data? Do they wait for completion of the ED2 cycle?

That’s terrible. Is it the first time they’ve been asked? Surely not! You’d think guidance would have seen it all. They should know ED wants grades before the deadline. It’s inept.

Reject outright… Not even a deferment :upside_down_face:

Funny we’ve had no acceptances yet. Maybe they don’t want to gloat :blush:. My D’s friend got in for Art though so she’s bummed.

BU wants 1st quarter grades for ED. Midyear grades are required afterwards.

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Yes, she’s saying they don’t compute first quarter grades at her school We don’t either but the teachers make them for ED’s

Admissions stats are not usually released until March when Rd decisions come out.

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So no CC people were admitted?

I was!




My son was admitted.


I was admitted to ENG and KHC


Anyone have a clue how we figure out how many ED deferrals actually get in? National average appears to be 15%. Wondering if BU is higher…

i was:)


If you were deferred is there anything they should do now, like write or ask for an interview?

BU doesn’t do interviews. You should send in a LOCI (Letter of Continued interest).

Hi TomSrOfBoston…I always click on your posts because you seem to know a lot. Do you, by chance, have any information about how many ED deferrals gets acceptances in regular decision? I know BU has a low yield rate so wondering if this impacts the otherwise abysmal 15% ED-deferred-to-RD national average. Thanks for any info or perspective you can offer…

I have not seen any stats regarding ED deferred RD accepted. My guess is that there is a better than average chance because BU knows that the student has a real interest in actually attending.