Business School Admits Posted!

<p>Congratulations, you have been Conditionally Admitted to Cal Poly.</p>

<p>I applied as Industrial Technology major(business school).</p>

<p>my history major friend got in too, so LAS probably is posted.</p>

<p>Hmm I applied Business Administration but no decision yet. Isn't it weird that no one has a rejection yet?</p>

<p>im afraid that no decision at this point means rejection... what were your freshman-junior weighted gpa and your math+verbal SAT?</p>

<p>my friend with 1470 m+v SAT and 3.6 gpa still has no determination for finance</p>

<p>1460 and 2.81 GPA :P</p>


<p>EDIT: I would have assumed your friend should be able to get in easily...</p>

<p>Got in! Business major. Conditionally admitted.</p>

<p>my friend with the 1470 just got in. it looks like theyre posting a little at a time so DONT WORRY if it wasnt posted before, it might be up now.</p>

<p>But everyone who got their decisions now got in right? So that means the rejection pile is going to come later?</p>

<p>Yay. I got in but I still don't have the accept/decline link.</p>

<p>i have not heard a single rejection yet</p>

<p>"Yay. I got in but I still don't have the accept/decline link."</p>

<p>Wait, does yours say you got in on the my.calpoly page?</p>

<p>becuase my calpoly page says nothing, but then i clicked on the accept/decline link and it said there i was conditionally accepted.</p>

<p>i click application status then see more info and it says i got in. but it doesnt say anything about accept/decline</p>

<p>I had to go to "Application Status" to find out. </p>

<p>No accept/decline link anywhere.</p>

<p>I think they send out their rejection letters before posting rejection notices online. Last year when they were still using VIP pages I was checking every day and saw no decision made and then got my rejection letter in the mail. Of course I stopped checking online so I don't know when exactly the posted the rejection (I did check months later and it was updated) but I know that it wasn't posted on the site before I got it in the mail. I guess they like to keep people in suspense.</p>

<p>My son got in (Bus Adm). 3.8 GPA, 1450 SAT (800 M, 650V). Decisions from UCs (UCSB, UCI, and UCR) will be out in two days!</p>

<p>got accepted business admin 3.9 GPA 1980 SAT</p>

<p>Has anyone who applied BA hasn't gotten his reply yet?</p>

<p>^^ If BA is Architecture, then no. I'm still waiting.</p>

<p>Sorry I meant Business Admin</p>