Business Undergrad Questions (Finance)

<p>Hi! I could really use some help deciding where to go for my undergrad b-degree.</p>

<p>My number one school is Penn Wharton but I am waiting on it so if you can answer any of these questions I would appreciate it.
FYI, I would like to focus on Finance (Wall St. I-bank type).
I’ve been accepted to UMich Ross, NYU Stern, UVA, Georgetown McDonough, Emory, and Northwestern.</p>

<li>Straight up: Ross or Stern? -I am Pre-admit to Ross, and accepted to Stern</li>
<li>Ross, Stern, McIntire, McDonough, or Goizueta (compare in terms of Finance/Wall St?)</li>
<li>How does an Econ degree from Cornell or Northwestern compare to any of the above schools? Are they worse or just as good for future investment jobs?</li>

<p>I have a big decision to make and several options so any input is greatly appreciated.</p>