Cake or cupcake and what’s your favorite flavor?

I’m with you. Carrot cake w/cream cheese frosting. Now I am craving that, lol.


Chocolate cake, gobs of vanilla icing. Gobs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Carrot cake and cream cheese frosting…the best.

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I have 2 favorites: homemade from scratch German Chocolate Cake with coconut & pecan frosting that my mom still bakes for my birthday and Brooklyn Blackout Cake, but I haven’t had a good one of those in ages so I might have to make one!


When my daughter was in elementary school, it was customary for parents to send a tray of cupcakes to school on their kids’ birthdays. Her birthday was close to Christmas, so I sent in chocolate cupcakes homemade peppermint frosting and filling.

As my daughter grew older I began making it as a layer cake instead of cupcakes. I still make this for her birthday each year, and it’s now my favorite cake flavor also.

I also like chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, especially if it’s very chocolatey and not overly sweet. The Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake from Cheesecake Factory is wonderful! Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake™ | The Cheesecake Factory

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Your carrot cake with cream cheese frosting sounds delicious. I prefer cake over cupcakes because you can cut each layer in half and put frosting between each layer, ending up with a much better ratio of frosting to cake.

Once in a blue moon I bake a pineapple and banana cake with cream cheese frosting. It’s a bit like hummingbird cake.

Rich vanilla cake with caramel frosting is a family favorite. I don’t have the patience to make the seven layer version, so we buy those once a year for the holidays.

Coca-cola fudge cake is our favorite chocolate cake. I never understood the concept of a cake being “too rich” until I tried it. It’s best with vanilla ice cream.

Unfortunately, some of our family cannot eat nuts. I’d put toasted pecans in or on any of the above cakes.


Cake is my favorite food group bar none, so my list runs long. If I had to name just one I would probably go with Coconut cake with a really moist yellow cake infused with coconut and a cream cheese and coconut frosting. Or the Sweet Potato cake from Brick Street Cafe in Greenville, SC. Unfortunately they don’t share the recipe and I’ve yet to find one that compares.

I said almost these exact words to a friend this week when she asked if I’d consider bringing cupcakes to an event. Nope, a cake is always better than cupcakes in my book. It’s definitely the cake/frosting ratio.


Any cake or cupcake, any kind.

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I’m very picky about my cakes. Most have way too much sugar IMO. I can’t stand sugar substitutes, so my cake has to be made with real sugar or honey but not a whole lot of it. Also, real butter and cream… I have been spoiled lately because our local Euro deli has all sort of fabulous cakes and pastries: Napoleons, The Prague, honey cakes, Bird’s Milk, Black Forest, you name it! Not enough celebratory occasions to try them all! :slight_smile:


Give me a vanilla cupcake/slice of cake with buttercream frosting. Bonus points if it has a frosting rose on it!


In my youth, I liked frosting with a tiny bit of cake. Frosting roses, yummmm.

Kidding aside, I like non traditional cakes. Almost all of my favorite cakes involve fruit. I love cranberry almond cake. I make numerous flourless clementine cakes, mostly in the fall. They are a family tradition. My daughter made me a delicious pomegranate cake using middle eastern pomegranate molasses.

I don’t love cupcakes. I think they never taste quite as moist as a cake.


My two favorite flavors for cake are lemon curd and marzipan (not together). I do enjoy a good carrot cake though!


This thread and the donut thread are cruel. I hadn’t had a donut in years, but I’ve had 3 since that thread started.

Now I’m going to be hearing the “Grandma’s chocolate sheet cake” from Central Market calling out my name every time I go in there.



My favorite is my mother’s Devil’s Food cake. When we were young it was made with a too sweet chocolate frosting, but for the last 20 years we all make it with a ganache - I generally have a mix of bittersweet and semisweet chocolate and cream. The proportions tend to depend on what it turns out is in the pantry.

I do love German chocolate cake haven’t had one in eons. I also used to love spice cake with lemon frosting. It was a standard at my school cafeteria. It seems to have been completely replaced by carrot cake, which I have never warmed up too.

One summer my younger son spent many weekends making génoise cakes after having had a delicious one at a fancy restaurant. We made one great one and a lot of terrible ones!

I make cupcakes for convenience (like for classrooms), but prefer cake. I also like fancy decorations and have a whole set of tips to make flowers, fancy edges etc. I can even do roses.


My favorites are Italian lemon cheese cake (shortbread-like crust) and strawberry shortcake.

I’m not a cupcake fan.


My all time favorite!


Favorites in our house are opera cake and cannoli cake, both of which I make, but my personal favorite is chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream by a local cottage food baker. She makes the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had, and that includes before I had to eat gluten free. My cakes are very good, but hers are in a class of their own.

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Does cheesecake count as a cake?


Hmmmm. Questionable. But as it’s definitely not a pie, I think it’s just about ok.:wink:


Coconut is my favorite, but there are some I like and some I don’t. It’s what I always choose for Mother’s Day and my birthday.

Vanilla or orange cream would be next or perhaps cheesecake if that counts for this thread.

Chocolate I can tolerate if I have to eat it - Devil’s Food is the best of those.

Peanut butter I can’t stand at all.

ps Coconut donuts are one of the few types of donut I like. Most I can’t stand. There’s just something about coconut that appeals to my taste buds I guess - unless it’s coconut shrimp. That I pass on going for “regular” shrimp.