Cal Poly Pomona Transfer Thread Fall 2022

Thought we could use a thread for 2022 Admissions cycle for transfers!

Here are my stats! I’m hoping others will post their own as well.

Intended Major: Architecture
GPA: 3.8
AA-T/AS-T?: No
Pre-reqs: Complete
Golden Four: AAPA
Current College: Cuesta College
Workload: 21+ hours
25% Major Applicable?: No
Invited to Apply to Honors College?: Yes
Applied: Caly Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona

Intended Major: Business Administration- Computer Information Systems
GPA: 4.00
AA-T/AS-T?: Yes
Pre-reqs: 3 but will be done by spring 2022
Golden Four: AAAA
Current College: MiraCosta College (Non Local)
Workload: 21+ hours
25% Major Applicable?: Yes
Invited to Apply to Honors College?: Yes
Applied: Caly Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona, SDSU, SJSU

howdy when did you receive your invitation? I got mine on christmas

Aw snap I forgot to add that i am a veteran, and with that they make me local area

I got mine Christmas eve! So basically the same time

Interesting so im pretty sure that should mean were both accepted, which one is your first choice? here or slo.

Pomona is definitely first choice. I live in SLO and desperately want to get out of here haha.

Wow, you might be one of the first people i have met that preferred pomona over slo.

I think if you’re not from here SLO is the way to go, but I just can’t stand five more years in this godforsaken county lol.

Sheesh lol what is wrong with the area?

If you’re not from around here it’s total paradise. I’m super lucky to have grown up here and I will probably end up spending a lot of time in the area later on in my life - but honestly at this point in my life all I see walking around slo are rich white kids on mommy and daddy’s money. It’s a total party culture and so many people spend more time at frats than in class + studying combined. The housing is so so expensive and good luck finding a place that isn’t bumping at 2am. I live up in North County just to get away from the slo scene. It’s nice to spend the day there but I wouldn’t want to go to school in SLO. For a lot of people it’s exactly what they’re looking for - but definitely not for me.

I see coming from San Diego seems like if i get in I will be going from San Diego to San Diego 2 haha.

Putting this in for others who may be in a similar situation as me. I don’t have a high gpa like most of the other students here, but here goes. Also, CPP used to be my first choice but after looking into the schools and Fullerton being my local school, Fullerton is now my 1st choice but I’d be more than happy to attend CPP as well :slight_smile: I know I’m barley cutting it so now its just a waiting game.

Status: Transfer
Major: Business Admin - Technology and Operations management
GPA: 3.17 (3.27 with ADT Bump)
GE Breadth: Completed by end of Spring 22

Gender: Female
School Type: Junior College Local to Fullerton
Where else did you apply: CSULA, CSUF, CSUSB

I didn’t apply to Long Beach thinking I wouldn’t get in but now I wish I would have applied just to see if I would have. Anyway, I know it’s a great school but I didn’t really want to go there.

I also had an F and I couldn’t add it to my Academic Renewal because it hadn’t passed a year, but I retook the class this past intersession, after fall, and now I have a B. I was able to replace the grade and my GPA went up to 3.3. That is not on my Cal State application as I finished the class and did the course Repeat adjustment after application deadlines past.

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You should have totally applied there! Well GOOD LUCK I believe with an ADT you should get into all of those schools.

Thank you! I was denied admission at Fullerton this morning :astonished: so now I am crossing my fingers that I get into CPP. At this point I’ll be happy to get accepted at any of the schools but i’m worried since I am local to Fullerton and didn’t get in.

WHAT THE F, HOW ??? you have already begun receiving decisions? Im sorry :sob:

Well hey thank god you got an ADT so that means you should be guaranteed to go to a CSU, keep your head up. are you going to appeal?

That was my first decision so it depends on what happens with the other schools. If I get into another one I’ll be happy with that if not, then yes I’ll appeal. Ahhh I hate this lol It will be ok though

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Intended Major: Business admin
GPA: 3.7
AA-T/AS-T?: yes
Pre-reqs: in progress
Golden Four: AABA
Current College: non-local
Invited to Apply to Honors College?: Yes
Applied: csulb accepted, csuf, accepted, cpp, sdsu

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