Calculating Unweighted GPA

<p>I was wondering how I would go about calculating cumulative unweighted GPA for USC? Among some of the questions I have are...</p>

<p>1) Do I include freshman year?
2) Do I include every single class (including PE, sports)?</p>

<p>If I don't find out soon, I suppose I can call USC or something.</p>

<p>Man... I suppose it's to my disadvantage that USC is now using unweighted GPA, but oh well. I can understand that not all high schools offer many weighted/AP/IB classes. I wish everyone applying to USC the best of luck! FIGHT ON!</p>

<p>I remember on my application including Freshman year as well as every single class I took.</p>

<p>i remember pretty clearly that they do not calculate Freshman year into gpa
i can almost guarantee it</p>

<p>They did ask for Freshman year grades on the application last year.</p>

<p>do they put into gpa?</p>