cAlifornia Azn looking for chances to california and texas schools

<p>I was wondering what my chances would be in getting into the UC's
3.8 UC GPA
nice improvement through the years 3.4 fresh 3.4 soph 4.8 junior year Uc gpas too lol
1490 SAT I
750/750/800 SAT II
Rank is 17/449
Leadership Roles/ECs
Vice President- Inter-Ethnic Relations
Link Crew Leader
Basketball Letterman
Volleyball Letterman, will try out for college team if possible
search and rescue team
Volunteer at Library and Museum- 300+ hours</p>

<p>What do u think my chances are at the UC's
Can u please tell me my matches, reaches, and safeties
Other schools on my list are:
University of Texas
University of Michigan
Rice? I know its a major reach</p>

<p>help anyone?</p>

<p>All UCs other than UCB and UCLA are fairly safe with a good essay, the latter 2 you have a real shot at.</p>

<p>anyone else! Plz need help</p>