CalState Admissions

<p>If I took a class at a local college, but it doesn't count for any high school credits, am I allowed to still include it in my application? I ask this because I took Persian 1 but when filling out the form for a college course, the instructions are to "If you took a college course for high school credit, specify the college you took it at (use the "Other (specify)" option), the high school grade level you took the course, the year, and type in the title. For the term, select "College course." Only enter the grade you earned once in the appropriate term. Select "College" as the honors type and pick the corresponding term you took the class in for the honors term. "</p>

<p>So if it's not for hs credit, can I still include it? </p>

<p>note: the class does not appear on my hs transcript but can be proven by my community college transcript.</p>

<p>Well, since it says only for high school credit, you should leave it.</p>

<p>Leave it as in not include it?</p>