Can I get into Duke?

<p>Duke and Gtwon are reach(SAT too low)
UVA and William and Mary are match
chance me
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<p>Those are easily enough for EC’s especially if you’re still involved with them. Try interviewing with Duke and WM next year, it’s considered in the application at both schools so it could only help your chance of acceptance. </p>

<p>Yup I am still involved in them! Okay! Thanks!</p>

<p>Anyone else? Please, I need as much advice as I can get!</p>

<p>Its a low reach in my opinion because of the relatively low SAT score. bring that up and i think it would be a high match. You definitely have a shot though. good luck
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<p>It defiantly looks good that you create clubs. Well clubs that aren’t Ponies 101 or harry potter fan club. Good luck</p>