Can I get into my "goal" colleges (UCSB, UCLA, UIUC, and maybe even Stanford)?

<p>Let me tell you a little about myself so you can maybe tell me how I am doing at getting good chances to be accepted into certain colleges. First, I go to Barrington High School in Illinois. I am a Sophomore in high school currently and I will show you my grades so far in classes and I will also show you my planned schedule for Junior classes.
Outside of school, however, I am currently applying for a job, so there's a chance I could have a part time job from March until at least the summer. I played Baseball for the park district (outside of school because I didn't make the team) and I am planning on playing Baseball this summer too. I participate in Peers All Coming Together at my school (basically a bunch of kids hanging out and going to social gatherings to either have fun or learn about the dangers of drugs and depression). Also, I volunteer as a math tutor at my school, which is going to the "math resource center" and tutoring kids who need help before school and during my opens (I don't have that many hours with this but I can get more easily). I am also hoping to write for the school newspaper next year (I applied recently) and I write articles for an online sports website Bleacher Report.
Now, here are my grades. For those of you who don't know about BHS, its honors classes are 4.5 (not 5.0). Only its AP and/or Accelerated classes are 5.0.
Freshman year (first semester/second semester)
Geometry Honors A/A-
German 2 A-/A
Global Studies A-/A-
Biology A-/A
English Honors B/B</p>

<p>Sophomore year (only first semester)
English Honors A
Health A-
Intro to business A
AP Human Geography A
Chemistry A
Algebra 2 Honors A
German 3 Honors A</p>

<p>Second Semester Sophomore Year (just began, obviously no grades yet)
AP Human Geography
Chemistry Honors (I moved up levels)
Algebra 2 Honors
German 3 Honors</p>

<p>My current weighted GPA is 4.14 and my unweighted is 3.89. Here are my pre-registration scheduled classes for my junior year. (my gym class is a leadership program and counts for honors credit on my GPA).
Gym Leader Honors
AP English
AP US History
Physics Honors
Accelerated Pre-Calculus
Drawing and Painting Honors</p>

<p>I did the math, and if I get an A each semester until the end of my Junior year (the years that are done before you apply), then I would have a weighted 4.38 GPA and an unweighted 3.95 GPA. Obviously, I may not get all A's, so assuming I get two B's in AP classes in the same time frame, my new numbers would be a weighted 4.32 GPA and an unweighted 3.89 GPA.</p>

<p>Now, for my questions, can I get into the individual schools I'm going to list with this kind of resume?...UCLA, UC Santa Barabara, Univ of Illinois Urbana Shampaigne, Univ. of wisc. at madison, Stanford, New york university, berkeley...sorry for the long list lol.
Also, knowing the kind of schools I'm looking at, should I do anything differently to my schedule? I'm not continuing with German because I don't really like it, is three years enough? or should i go on to four or five? Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.</p>