Can I get into UCLA, UCB, or UCSD with my stats?

<p>Hi everyone. Class of 2011.
I have a weighted 4.18 gpa and a 3.9 unweighted.
1750 on my sats (i know low) 580 on math II, 530 on Bio
I won my County science fair and was chosen to become a finalist at the International Science Fair.
Won a Chinese speech contest
Certificate of Merit Piano and chosen to play at honors recital
CMEA-orchestra award
Best of show for my handcrafted crafts i entered in my county fair</p>

<p>Summer Camps:
I have attended COSMOS </p>

President of CSF and my environmental club
Vice president my junior year for csf
My science fairs

<p>Work experience:
im a tutor at kumon</p>

Kaiser hospital 150+ hours
habitat restoration
CSF volunteer events
leukemia and lymphoma walk</p>

<p>Personal statement:
how economic troubles in the past has shaped me to become a stronger, optimistic, independent woman. This overall experience in the end has inspired me to pursue the medical field. </p>

<p>And the second is about being exposed to such great science facilities and equipment at this stage of life and how matured me.</p>

<p>UCSD = match</p>

<p>UCB = reach</p>

<p>UCLA = reach</p>

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<p>gooood luck :]</p>

<p>Almost perfect record, however those SATs make UCB and UCLA reaches. Chance me back</p>

<p>Thanks guys :slight_smile:
I’m also an ELC student and I come from a low-performing school, so does that increase my chances a little bit?</p>