Can I have Dual Enrollment credits ERASED?

<p>I took two dual enrollment classes, and I got a B in one of them. Is there a way to have UM ignore this credit and grade? I'll call on Monday, but I'm hoping maybe somebody can shed some light on the subject before then.</p>

<p>Thats a good question, because Im in the same exact boat. Don't wanna start ,my career without a 4.0. Wouldn't mind taking the class over again.</p>

<p>I spoke with somebody from UM admissions, and here is the deal. It looks like UM will accept the credit for the class, but they will not factor the grade into your GPA. So, basically, it seems like the best possible situation for anybody who didn't get the top grade in a dual enrollment class. Almost too good to be true :p</p>

<p>Hell yeah, thats great news, i hope all colleges are the same, because i most likely can't afford UM.</p>