Can I make it into a good medical school? Please help

<p>Right now GPA is 3.28 cumulative and my first year is over but planning to graduate in another year. Currently in a SUNY state university. However hypothetical speaking:</p>

<p>So I have finished my undergrad education which took about 2 years and my cumulative GPA is a 3.61 but my science GPA is a 3.47. What happened was because I was always rushing my credits I ended up taking around 23 credits in one semester and got two C's that semester. I pulled off straight A's the following two summers and fall as well as spring. The classes I received an A from include orgo Chem physics 3 and 4 and some higher level physics classes as well as calc 3 and differential equations. But so you can see my first 3 semesters were pretty bad like a 3.0 science GPA and 3.28 cumulative. I came back from the grave pretty much. </p>

<p>End of hypothetical story</p>

<p>The problem:
The problem was I was taking massive amounts of credits the previous semesters and didn't pull through so well so the following two summer and fall and spring I plan to bring up my GPA while taking fewer classes like 16 credits at a time no longer 23. Would I be accepted to medical school then with the predicted hypothetical outcome of my future semesters? I need to set goals for myself that's why I ask. </p>

<p>Also I plan to study for a 36+ on MCAT which I will take next year but plan to start studying soon. </p>

<p>Other stuff I have done is I am a Vice President at a student association, I have a projected 250 hours volunteer and 50 shadowing, maybe will do some research in physics department and that is pretty much it. </p>

<p>So do I stand a chance against some of the higher level med schools with a 3.61 cumulative GPA 3.47 science GPA and a 36+ MCAT? Schools I plan to apply to include Chicago, duke, UB med school, Yale, Cornell (if they have a medical school), and maybe 2-3 more high level colleges and around 8 mid level medical schools like UB med school previously mentioned. So I will apply to a total of 13-15 med schools. </p>

<p>Also questions on the side, when should I apply as in can I finish my first summer session next year before applying which ends at June 28 or do I have to apply earlier? Just so I cAn get those grades in there as well. Finally is research that important? Also what can I do to seem like an applicant that stands out? Because right now I feel I am lacking something that makes people say "wow he did that during college that is impressive?" Also I have made good friends with almost all my professors so I don't see a problem arising with letters of recommendations God willing. Finally I graduated early from high school and now will expect to graduate early from university so is age a factor in decision making, I will be around 20 God willing when applying.</p>

<p>Thank you guys a lot I am just really nervous after doing poorly these first 3 semesters.</p>

<p>Taking 23 credits at a time is a recipe for disaster. Why on Earth would you want to try and graduate in two years? Nobody on a medical school admissions board is going to be “impressed” that you graduated in such a short time if you end up with a mediocre GPA because you’re taking too much in too short of a time.</p>

<p>Even 16 credits per semester is too much, in my opinion.</p>

<p>I know that now but I was not trying to impress anyone I have a legitimate reason for my wanting to graduate early as possible. I will be taking only 16 credits at a time from now on with 10 credits being science classes. So things should go well from now on.</p>