Can I USE 2 Calculators ?? TI-83 and 89

<p>whats up guys i was just wondering if they would allow me to use both of the calculators on the test because some things im good with on the 83 but other things im better with on the 89..</p>

<p>bump !! </p>


<p>You should be able to answer everything you need to on the SAT with your 83. The 89 is better for more advanced topics (i.e. indefinite integrals). Although I doubt a proctor would forbid you from using multiple calculators (the website says nothing on that), you should be comfortable enough with the 83 to answer the problems.</p>

<p>Yeah, there shouldn't be a problem, I've used two before. As long as they're both acceptable, you should be fine.</p>

<p>okay, the most you need your calc for is multiplying. seriously, this is excessive.</p>

<p>yeah what's the point?</p>

<p>I know exactly what this guy's talking about. Some things (such as simple calculations) are better with a simpler calculations while the TI-89 can determine functions, equations, etc, etc. For my SAT, all I had was a simple scientific calculator, and I did pretty well. But I used a TI-89 and a scientific calculator for the SAT II's</p>

<p>proctors may not allow you have both on the desk at the same time. they did not let me. :mad:</p>

<p>Yeah, if you have a really anal proctor (mine was legitimately INSANE), they won't let you keep both calculators on your desk. </p>

<p>However, most if not all of the math questions can be done without a calculator--you really only need the calculator to ease some of the computational aspects of the questions if you really don't feel like doing mental math. A TI-83 would definitely suffice.</p>

<p>Unless ones not a backup one you should practice using one and do practice tests using that calculator so on the test day it will be easier for you.</p>

<p>i support two calculators! An 83/84 and 89 combo is great, and not overdoing it.</p>