Can you edit still images in Photoshop for NYU portfolio?

<p>I'm applying for film and I'm going to submit 10-20 stills. Am I allowed to edit them, like add things tht weren't there, add filters, etc? I emailed nyu but they didn't reply yet nd I need to know now.</p>

<p>Would be interesting to see. Would you happen to know if you can send an art supplement if you're applying to an unrelated major, such as business?</p>

<p>I actually do photo-manipulation and work with photoshop. I would say it's all part of the "art" I suppose, so I don't see why not. But definitely double check with them.</p>

<p>Did they ever email you back? In my opinion photoshopping the still images would be fine because it shows your talent and creativity in addition to enhancing the "story-telling skills" that they want to see! Hey do you mind checking out my post and giving me your thoughts? I'm pretty worried ha im just trying to get some closure on all this</p>