Can you go to an engineering grad school with a low gpa?

<p>I'm an undergrad senior at Virginia Tech, with a 2.67 gpa (2.8 in major). I still have one more semester and I will make the most out of it, even though it is too late to bring my gpa above 3.0. I really want to go to grad school and I know that I can succeed in there. I am smarter than most people in my class (who have higher gpa's); but due to distractions (parties, drinking, girls etc.) and laziness my gpa isn't really where I wanted it to be. It doesn't reflect at all my academic capabilities. Before you judge me, I know I put myself in that position and I have no regrets, these 4 years in college have been the best years of my life.
What are my chances of getting accepted in a grad school program for Civil Engineering? Considering I already am an undergrad in one of the top engineering schools in the nation. I know that the workload in grad school is heavier, but I know I can do it.</p>

<p>MEng or MS/PhD? There is a big difference.</p>

<p>Talk with your professors and get their advice about this. MEng programs normally have lower admissions requirements than MS/PhD programs, and some will basically take anyone with a BSEng and the cash needed to pay for their studies.</p>

<p>The real question, however, is why you suddenly believe that you are past the parties, drinking, girls, and laziness business. Whoever it is that you will be asking for those LORs needs to believe that too.</p>

<p>As a college student you see profs in your engineering classes every day who have their own grad students. They are experts in navigating the PhD maze since they all did it themselves. Why not talk with a few of them?</p>